Free is not always best when it comes to health care. Employers can’t afford health insurance any longer. Insurance may not be the answer.

Shocking health insurance statistics But does this really mean we need subsidized health care? Does FREE health insurance guarantee you’ll receive quality health care.
I have heard so many horror stories of different health providers, that supposedly are offering quality health care. Mr President have you looked at quality healthcare or are you just looking at the cheapest. There are so many drugs or procedures in this world that MediCal/Medicaid won’t cover, because they are too expensive, what happens to the people that need them? They can’t afford to pay for them, neither can MediCal/Medicaid. Why? If there are no alternatives, what are they to do? Die! I thought we were a compassionate country. Is it just to other countries and not our own. Why are eyeglasses so expensive? Why is medicine so expensive? The average person in America wants to pay for their health care and their basic needs, but the cost of everything is going so high, they can’t afford it. This is why people turn to MediCal/Medicaid. In reality, many people would love to pay something toward their health care, but can’t pay all of their income toward it. Years ago we set a percentage as to how much of our income should go to housing and other basic needs. Was Health Care given a percentage? Housing was 30%, Shouldn’t health care be around 5%?

Money Cometh
Irla Loudermilk


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