Dirty Little Secrets

A review of:
 Dirty Little Secrets About Black History, It’s Heroes, and Other Troublemakers, by Claud Anderson, Ed.D.

Love this book.  It really opened my eyes as to why slavery, why Black people are never in the news, except in a Black newspaper, where were the Jewish people during slavery.  Where were the Indian?  Why the Hispanics think they’re white, because they’re the ones that started slavery.  The fact that slavery was started as an economic issue, and still continues as an economic issue.  How the ruling class continues to block opportunites for all except themselves (selfish).  Block opportunites meaning create an orchestrated effort to not hire Blacks, not recognize Blacks when they achieve anything making it look like there is no way a Black man could have done that.  Just recently a white man went balistic and killed 13 people on a Army base.  There was a Black man and White woman both who shot at and killed the man shooting.  Who was recognized, the White woman. 

Listen, in 1996, the civil rights law became more concerned with Gay rights and Women’s rights, cutting out COLOR as a characteristic of a minority.  No one wants to recognize or fess up to the fact that for over 400 years White America has done plenty wrong to the Black man and woman, and needs to fess up and correct its wrongs.  What is the percentage of Black to White families that have no jobs, have no food on their tables, are homeless or living in rented homes as opposed to owning their own homes.  In proportion to our percentage in the U.S, I would believe that percentage to be much higher than what it is for whites. 

What’s up with all these questions on employment applications now as to how you would react, are you Hispanic or Non-Hispanic, what ethnicity are you.  Please Lord, when will they get it.  All of these classifications are man-made.  All religion is man-made.  When will they, all people realize that God made all man to be the image of him. And all men and woman have unique DNA.  We are not all the same color, we are not all from the same place, we do not all talk the same language.  God made it that way.  Do you think Heaven will be just white people.  What if God is Chinese?  It says he;s Asian.  We have gone so far as denoting Asians are only those with Oriental characteristics, when in reality the continent of Asia encompasses all of Russia, and Israel as well.

Israeli people need to wake up and see what their people are doing in the U.S. You are Gods’ children.  He  will never turn his back on you.  But he will hold you accountable for what you do, as He has always done.  You are the special 144,000. The reason the world won’t help you, is because you are Asian, not European, but in America you’re White color, so you can pass as European but only for so long.  How does the old saying go, “You can take the boy out of the country, but not the country out of the boy.” 

Back to slavery, the white man always used God to control Blacks.  There’s a scripture about you can control a horse by a bit in it’s mouth, or you can control yourself by how you control your tongue, or you can see a ocean liner being towed by a small tugboat.You don’t need to be big to control a big mass of anything.  You just need to have the right touch.  The Black man has his roots so engrained in the Bible, I always question how present day Blacks can think and stand on this opinion that the Bible is nothing but a book a codes (the DaVinci code).  One man or one group of men could not have thought up all the stories in the Bible if they tried.  The Bible is God inspired.  But it message is hidden for God’s children, God’s Saved Ones.

Irla Loudermilk


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Native Californian
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