Why are there so many Americans with the same last names in your same neighborhoods but you don’t know them?

My maiden name was French.  I heard on my favorite program, Billye Brim talking about George Washington Carver, and how the only book he ever took into his lab was The Bible. So this inspired me to read up on him.  He got his last name from his owner, he was a slave.  His owner’s last name was Carver, hence George Washington Carver.  He was born a slave, his parents were kidnapped and sold to another man.  But their original owners found George and his brother and decided to raise them as their own.  The men never bothered to go after the mother and father?  This man was given the name  George Washington Carver, it wasn’t his birth name.  Someone bore him 9 months and brought him into this world.  Don’t you think that person had a right to name their own child.

Anyway, God had a plan for his life and he found out what it was.  Are there any other “Civilized” nations in this world that did the atrocities that Americans did to Blacks.  Man in the Bible did not have last names, why do we?  Is Queen Elizabeth known as Elizabeth ?, does she have a last name?  When did Americans start using last names?  And Why?

Money Cometh
Irla Loudermilk


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Native Californian
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