Genealogy/U.S. Black History

Reading thru 4 books as yet.

Black Genealogy, Charles L Blockson
California’s Black Pioneers, Kenneth G Goode
The Indian Removal Act, Snapshots In History, Forced Relocation , Mark Stewart
Slavery By Another Name, Douglas A Blackmon
On my road to finding out just who I am, who my ancestors were.  I am being taken from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Canada/Detroit, to Los Angeles, California.  The church my grandparents and parents help to build.  The many people touched by that church and my family.  The many cousins I have throughout this entire nation, most I’ve never met.  Slaves and missionaires both in my family.  In the 20’s one made liquor in their tub and sold it to keep food on the table.  God was with them thru all their days.  My grandmother coming to Los Angeles as the mother to her 4 sisters, we knew as Bea, Neola, Maude and Nona.  She was known as Tat.  They all went to and graduated from Manuel Arts High School, under her supervision.
California’s history, I am now on.  How did, Why did, they end up here.  Why did they leave their homes in the south and in the north.  Where are their marriage records?  Their birth records?  Finding records of their birth denoted only as their first names or boy, girl.  Probably given their last names from the last name of their family  slaveowners.  There’s pain, knowing I may never know, their real African name.  But beauty is in the fact that I knew them.  And they have given me such a legacy to live up to.

Money Cometh
Irla Loudermilk


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