Who started gift giving on Christmas?

Gift Giving Tradition
Here’s an article which talks about how Christmas became such a commercial holiday.


Honestly what does gift-giving have to do with celebrating the birth of Christ.  For that matter, who started the celebration of Christmas in the first place.  If it was the Roman Catholics, WOW.  And the whole world follows after a tradition started by Roman Catholics.  WOW.

I’m not trying to sound like scrooge.  I’m just questioning the origin of Christmas.  I mean you can’t even find the word ‘Christmas’ in the Bible.  And when Jesus died and resurrected into heaven, he said “Go and make disciples”.  The only continual remembrance of Him is to have communion, remembering that He shed his own blood for us, so we could be reconciled back to God.  He didn’t say remember my birth every year.  So, maybe we’ve got it all wrong.  I mean when he was born, yes his birth was supernatural. But he wasn’t anointed until his 30th birthday. Although we know near his 12th birthday he had the knowledge of God. 

The good news doesn’t stop with His Birth. It only begins with His Birth.  So, I’m believing, we’re really celebrating a pagan tradition, from a man-made religion. 


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