Why do we go to our jobs everyday

Why do we go to our jobs everyday?  Besides the obvious, to get paid.  Are we doing what God had planned for us? Do you remember when you were teenagers with dreams of what you would be when you were grown.  These were God-Thoughts.  How many of us have realized our dreams.  What we don’t know is, it’s not too late.  God is waiting for you to do what He said.  Follow your dreams of your youth.  God gave those thoughts to you, no one else.  Only you can fulfill them.

The World says, go to college, study law or medicine, get a good paying job.  How much talent we would have missed out on if the many artists had gone into law and never painted, or the many writers would have gone into medicine and never wrote a thought provoking book or song.

The world is looking to money as the reward we should be seeking, yet the true reward is   the one we receive when God says, Well done, thy good and faithful servant.  God Can.  I’ll say it again.  God Can.

We don’t need the world to tell us what God has plans for us to do.  So people, wake up and see what is truly going on.

In our schools, the boards are more concerned with the students’ behavior than whether the teacher can pull out the greatness in each child.  Sure each child needs to sit still long enough to listen, but find out what they are good at, and encourage greatness, not just compliance.  Testing should be used to help teachers learn more about their students, but it’s being used to grade students, and in turn help teachers to keep their jobs, because if their kids get bad scores, they supposedly are not good teachers.  Testing should be a tool to help the child, not a measure of the teachers’ accomplishment.  Oh, how far have we gone from the original intent.

Parents, pay attention to what your children do best, and encourage them to greatness.  You are their first teachers, and in today’s world, their most important teacher.

Does anyone remember the movie, “Off The Wall”?  It has a scene where all the kids are walking along a rail and at the end of the rail are falling into a pit of hot coals.  Is this what we’re doing to our kids, by asking them to all be the same.  Some are good at sports, some at singing, some at business(the marketplace), some in making discoveries(research).



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