Satan has nothing new

Wondering what people are doing differently these days. Wow, nothing. There is nothing new on Satan’s agenda. He knows how to kill people, he knows how to destroy someone’s life. He hasn’t changed. So, why does anyone continue to follow him.

God on the other hand has mercies new every morning. He’s the rose of Sharon. He’s the bright morning star. God tells you; every morning is a new morning. Every snowflake is different, even though we don’t see snow in most of Los Angeles. God will forgive you of all your sin, and cover them with the blood of Jesus, so why don’t you. When he looks at you he sees his son Jesus. You want to know why Satan doesn’t want you to know about Jesus, because Jesus died for all your sins. That’s why he died on the cross. That’s what happened when he took your place and mine on that cross. We were going to hell and He stepped in and took our place. So Jesus made us right with God. Now whenever God sees us(believers in Jesus), He sees his son Jesus.

No one else died for us. No one else can. Not your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife. Only Jesus. Not Buddha, not Muhammed, No One Else. Only Jesus. The Only Way to God is through Jesus.


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Native Californian
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