The Native American Struggle to Remain Family

Now today, the Europeans have placed Indian casinos on their land and fed the families greed by giving each of them money from the proceeds?  Now they are policing themselves and letting in who they want, which is what the Europeans used to do?  How did so many Caucasian men become Cherokees? They got their special treatment, but the Indian that was full blood Indian couldn’t get recognized as an Indian.  Lord, help us, help the young Indians that think this is right, to dissenroll family from your tribe, because of greed.  Their ancestors died thinking their grandchildren would benefit from their life.  Dissenroll from a tribe means you know longer consider these people part of your family.  Blood is a determining factor my friend, not just a whim.  I know they are a sovereign nation, but you still have to answer to God.  And I wouldn’t want to answer to God for disowning my own family.


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