Election Nov 2014

Ballots Cast/Turnout
Election Ballots Cast Registered Voters %Ballots Cast/Registered Voters
Nov 4, 2014 1,147,248 4,544,455 25.25%
Jun 3, 2014 824,070 4,823,407 17.08%
Nov 6, 2012 3,236,704 4,593,621 70.46%

Los Angelenos,

We had a 25.25% turnout of registered voters, which was better than the June 2014 election of 17%, but not half as good as the Presidential election of 2012.

The State/local elections are just as important as the presidential elections, in some aspects more important.  Look at Florida with so many deaths of Black youth and injustices in their criminal justice system.  Look at Los Angeles, we got to ratify the election of certain judges, vote for a new governor, and only 25% of all registered voters in Los Angeles County decided to voice their opinion.

Congratulations of the  25% that voted, they reelected Governor Brown. We’ll never know who the other 75% wanted as Governor.



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