What RACE are you?

I’m sooooo tired of hearing that question. You can see the color of my skin. But you still ask ,”what race are you”?  Race = what color are you?  Isn’t it.  I think the question most people want to ask is What is your ethnic background?

Los Angeles has become a city overly concerned with Race.

I’m a light skinned Black woman.  You can’t tell from my name, you can’t tell from my hair. When I was in the hospital, not able to talk, I was categorized as White.   When I was younger, I was always asked, “what race are you”, as if it really mattered.  Well to a lot of people it did really matter.  I soon found out, those weren’t the people I wanted to hang with anyway.

I have Black friends, White friends, Oriental friends, Mexican friends.  I do not understand what a Black person is and what a White person is.  I can understand Oriental because these are people from Japan, China, Korea, or Vietnam….  And a Mexican is from Mexico.  But a White person only denotes the color of their skin.  They may be from Russia, Morocco(which is Africa), Egypt(Africa), Italy, Great Britain, Scotland, Spain,France,…  So why does America lump ALL White people into one category, and all Blacks into another.  Blacks may be from Africa, South America, England, Scotland, West Indies, or even the United States.  Haven’t met any Blacks from Russia, but I’m sure there are some.  We’re everywhere.

In America, Jewish people are not known as from an Asian country, they’re from Israel.  Israel I guess is it’s own continent, I guess they, like Egyptians, don’t want to associate with the other people on the same continent they are on.

In Biblical days, there were dark skinned people, rulers in Egypt.  Solomon, David’s son was Black.  Why don’t Jews and Europeans get real.  They say they believe the Bible, but they really don’t.  It says to teach your children the truth, not a fabricated lie.  With most people, I think , they will go to Hell, because of this one commandment.  They have taught their children lies, then their children taught their children lies, and it goes on and on for generation after generation.  Then once the elder dies, they can’t come back and tell you they lied, but their children continually tell the same lie, and unless they let  some Black people into their lives, they will never know the truth.

The same goes for other nationalities.

Then recently, the ultimate happened.  A White person was injured in another country.  He was referred to as an American.  A Black person was injured in another country, they are referred to as African American, or Black American.  Will someone please tell me, why am I  referred to as an African American, when my ancestors as far as I know, are Americans.  Most white people can trace their ancestors back to England,  Scotland, France, Spain or Italy, … but are not called English Americans, Scottish Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans… so why are they called simply Americans and we have to associate with a country we have never seen, and most likely will never see.

Lord, Jesus is coming back for a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle.  He’s got to get things done down here, before he comes back.  In Biblical days there were all shades of brown in the world.  That has not changed.  And to those hoping to go to heaven, you’ll get there and find out there a Dark Brown people in heaven too.  I guess the funny thing to see, in heaven, will be when God tells you you have to live in a neighborhood where all different colored people live, Dark skinned, Light skinned, Olive, Red, Yellow.

Who you gonna argue with then, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?  I think not.

I recently started answering Mixed Race or Other on all these questions.  But now that I think about it, I’ll just say Human Race.

Have a blessed day.


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Native Californian
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