Tamir Rice – 12 year old playing in the park

Are we hiring zombies to work for the police department? Don’t any of them have kids of their own, that would recognize a boy playing? Why did they have to drive up on him? Couldn’t they have gotten out of the car, walked up to talk to him? What kind of police officer would mistake a 12 yr old kid for a 20 yr old man? So many questions. I know there is a better way to handle situations like this. You are grown men, probably God fearing. If I was you, I’d fear for my life that God wouldn’t strike you dead at any minute. And please don’t release a statement that you have no remorse, that you killed a 12 year old kid playing in the park, probably playing cops and robbers, something all kids do at one time or another. They just playing, man. But he will never be able to play with his sons, nor will his brothers and sisters ever trust a police officer again. Because you killed their brother, when you could have just injured him. To the person that called the police, why didn’t you talk to the kid. You sounded like a grown man. Did the boy sound angry at someone? If so, couldn’t have done something to calm him down? Nobody could? Did anybody try? The answer is not always to call the police.


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