My ultimate laugh for the day. Is the rest of the week going to be likewise, with all her supporters raving about how much GOOD the Democratic Party has done, and how Hillary will do wonders for you and me. Not one time did this man show any sign of being aware of the facts such as there is no “middle class” anymore. The fact that more and more people are homeless, the fact that prices for everyday goods are up. But these are just the results of what goes on behind the scenes in Washington DC. So many people are trying to win back our country from “the government” we voted in, that we thought had our best interests at heart. But if they did, why are they pushing pills and not truth? Why do they continually lie, or muzzle the truth. Just a few topics they have muzzled:
1) A GAG Order on all weathermen, to not question the spraying of chemicals to control the climate.
2) Not one major tv station covered the Republican National Convention, because they are Pro-Hillary. When I saw coverage, it was for less than 1 hour, and it showed their version of highlights. —– Result: more people watch alternative news channels – evidently they don’t need ABC,NBC, CBS news anymore. More jobs cut, no one is watching them any longer. These major stations don’t care anymore. They can operate on shoestring budgets and I guess they were dying anyway. Just look at FoxNews. I think the only way they will pay attention to what their viewers actually want, is when they have none but themselves
I’m not all for Mr Trump, but I am definitely against Mrs. Hillary Clinton. How can anyone vote in the wife of an ex-president that was impeached by the House of Representatives. Oh how soon, people forget. Then she says oh yes Bill will be head of the finances for her government. What???


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