Couldn’t resist talking about the new traffic signs up.

One says “If you hit someone, stop your car.” The other says
“PLEASE don’t drink and drive.”
If you’re like me you see a lot wrong with these right away, but I guess since there are many people driving without a license, they don’t know these 2 basic laws.
#1 If you’re in any type of an accident, you stop and give the other person your insurance info, or at the very least your contact information.
#2 PLEASE, I mean, really, I’m going to ask someone getting ready to kill me please don’t kill me, and expect them not to go thru with it. Governments come back to reality. Look at a 2 year old and try saying “please don’t do that” you won’t get the reaction you want.

I get it, more people driving are from other countries, and they don’t have the same laws of decency we do.
I don’t get it.

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