Wow, Nightmares and Revelation

Guess I’m an old man.  God said your old men will dream dreams, your young will have visions.  This one was a nightmare, not a dream.  It showed how Clinton supporters really want to stop all the young people from having babies, from being able to procreate.  And it showed they would physically do something to stop it, if you were a Trump supporter.

This woman is a killer and a coward.  She won’t do it herself.  But anyone that doesn’t agree with her will be killed and this is DICTATORSHIP.  I don’t know about you, but I find it highly offensive for the Democratic Party to send me lists of candidates that I as a Democrat should vote for.  I thought we lived in a free country, where we could vote our conscience, or do any of our representatives in Congress have a conscience anymore.

The media has not once shown the videos about  Russian President Putin’s warnings to The USA. That we are on the brink of a WWIII, if we don’t stop acting like little kids, and we get our entire country Nuked.  Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want you to see the truth.  This should be a red flag to any Christian.  She IS NOT an honest person.  You say all of us lie about some things.  But not All of us lie about things pertaining to national security, not All of us hold the office of President of the United States of America.  I feel a basic character trait of a President of the USA should be honesty and integrity.   When you have kids, you know they did something wrong when they blame someone else for something they did, or try to get you to focus on what someone else is doing to take the attention off of them.  ALL Parents know this, so why can’t they see it in Hillary.

Honestly, I hope Mr Trump doesn’t address her as Secretary Clinton again, she doesn’t deserve that title, and there is someone else in that office.  We saw robots in the movie RoboCop turning against their makers after those makers lost their titles.  Mr. Trump, she lost that title in 2013, you can turn on her.


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