My Dad


It’s Christmas time. Just remembering my dad, all the wonderful things he did in this city called Los Angeles, Ca.

I didn’t think it weird to go to church in the morning and in the afternoon go back again to another church to hear a preacher and a concert, because that’s what we did with my dad.

I get upset when I see my nephew not raising his kids in some church, to the point that he  almost became Muslim.

I get upset when I hear my first love speak about Jesus as if he’s  some ideological theory, and not the Man, God and Spirit that He is.

I think a lot about what would my dad have done, because he was the closest person I know of in my life that knew Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

We always had a place to live, always had food on the table, clothes to wear, a car to ride in.  He did a lot for this city, in this city, but never ran for a political office.

I was born and raised in this city, left it in 1990 to live in the Inland Empire, returned in 2004 when my dad went to be with Jesus.  Every other city I lived in was not my home town.  I was so close to LA, but yet so far away.  When I came back, LA was different, the people were different, the kids I grew up with were either deceased or had moved out of LA, to other areas of Southern California or the East Coast cities of New York and Atlanta.  We were going to succeed, make a name for ourselves in this world.

I’ve been alive in this world over 60 years.  I’ve seen a lot of things, I’ve heard a lot of things.  I heard from Obama’s lips on inauguration day “they won’t get jobs my first year in office, maybe by the end of my 4 year term,” but no one agreed with me until it happened.

I remember exactly what I was doing when news broke out that John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were killed, but not when Martin Luther King was killed.

I saw on the news how Mrs. Hilary Clinton joked about what happened to John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy when referring to our incoming President Donald Trump.  I know she and whoever she is the front man for have killed many people, and they aren’t finished, and won’t finish until someone finishes them.

This is my prayer this morning. Lord  I know you are covering President Trump with Your Word.  I know he is Your Choice for President of this great nation called the United States of America.  We’ve gotten it wrong so many times, but not this time.  This country needs a lion, a Cyrus to make it great again.  IT IS NOT THE AMERICA I knew as a child.  I can’t shake the image I saw just the other day of a young woman and her child getting ready for bed sleeping on the concrete sidewalk in downtown LA, at 5 o’clock in the evening.  Too many good people are homeless, because jobs went to other countries, or they were outpriced from the market for homes or they got sick and got behind in their payments and lost their homes.  TOO MANY GOOD PEOPLE, just here in Los Angeles, Ca.

Are all the people living in tents near downtown Los Angeles, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts?  Are they all from other cities other than LA? Call it optimistic or whatever, but I know there are more good Americans than bad.  Our country didn’t become good just by looking good., no country does.  It’s because of its people.

So I’m asking anyone that hears, Wake Up and get involved in your city, your state and country government.  Because if we don’t keep our representatives accountable nothing will change.  If it’s only praying for those in authority, every Christian can do that.  But we also HAVE to make our presence known.  We have to let them know we’re praying for them, And let them know what we think.  We have to go to their public meetings at least once a year, just to see what they talk about, what they consider important in our communities.

Do you think the same sex marriage bills would have gotten passed if Churches in California had stood up against it?  Where are the God-fearing men in Los Angeles, in California.  We still have a lot of people going to church on Sunday, and synagogues on Saturday.  We claim to be communities that believe and serve The God of our ancestors.  How could these demons come to rule our state, our country?  They are not the voice of the majority, they are not the voice of the Christian or the Jew.  We have been silent too long.

Awake and Be Heard Americans.  This is Still the Land of the Free.






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